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How To Turn Happy E-Commerce Customers Into Brand Loyalists 

If someone asked you to name your favorite food, I’d be willing to bet you could come up with an answer within seconds. But what if you were presented with a more pressing question? Something more difficult to pin down, like naming your top five vacation destinations of all time? Would you be able to name them without hesitation, or would you need to take a moment to think back on the last few trips and reminisce on the memories made in order to rank them?

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Shorten Your Checkout Funnel By Effectively Integrating UGC On Your Website

If you were to pull your smartphone out of our pocket at this very moment and tap to launch Instagram, you would be joining approximately  1 billion monthly active users (subscription required), up from 800 million in 2017. And i t shouldn’t come as a surprise that, according to a recent survey reported on by Forbes, 72% of users say they have purchased a product they saw on Instagram. 

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The Evolution Of Visual Decision Making And The Impact On E-Commerce

In today’s oversaturated marketplace, a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and the methodology behind purchase power is critical to a marketer’s success rate and ability to generate a return on investment. Unfortunately for marketers, consumer behavior has become an ever-evolving concept, creating a need for constant study.