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Buy Now, Pay Later Is Making a Comeback

As a young girl living in a small town in Tennessee, I remember the day I learned what layaway was as if it was yesterday. Standing impatiently in the customer service line with my father at our local Walmart, waiting to exchange a faulty Barbie Baywatch Jeep — the remote control wouldn’t work and, needless to say, I was devastated — I overheard the woman ahead of us asking how many payments she had left on her layaway plan. I no doubt looked to my father for further explanation because, well, I was a nosey kid.


How to Optimize Your Video Content for Instagram Stories

With over an eighth of the world’s population scrolling through their Instagram feeds daily, it is currently the sixth largest social platform in the world with just over one million monthly active users (MAUs).

It is also still growing at a rapid pace.

In fact, according to Business Insider, Instagram is growing at an average rate of 300 million users per month while its owner, Facebook (2.23 million MAUs), is only growing at a rate of 228 million users per month.


How to Set Up a Beautiful Shopify Store With the Parallax Theme

Only 7 years ago, the barrier to entry for e-Commerce was in the six-digit figures. In 2012, even the simplest of websites would cost you $200k+ and that was a bargain!

Fast forward to the present day and e-Commerce giants like Shopify have reduced those costs to a thousandth of what they were. One of the most notable of the long list of technological advances they’ve helped spearhead in this industry is the invention of Themes — also known as templates outside of the world of Shopify. Themes single-handedly cut the cost of a website build in half. They provide brands with a cost-effective digital footprint and the money they save can then be allocated to marketing — making them a win-win.


How to Create Custom, Curated Landing Pages for Your Shopify

If you are new to the Shopify community, you are probably in the midst of discovering a long list of buzzwords used by merchants and experts to describe the various features and functionality of the Shopify platform. From sales channels to products tags, it can all be a little overwhelming at first.

Over the last 6 years, our team has helped over 50 brands and individuals, big and small, launch or refresh their Shopify store. From standard four to six week builds to 100% custom, six to eight month builds, every single Shopify client we work with has one thing in common. Can you guess what that is? I’ll give you a hint, two words….

Shopify Collections.