Barrel Of Monkeys

We don’t believe in checking boxes. We believe in out of the box thinking.


Katie Hurley | Founder + CEO

Creative Director, Data Diva, Fearless Leader and Holder of The Flame.


Amelia Castellanos | VP Digital Media + Marketing

I research and develop your e-Commerce / Online strategy and manage the design and action of our game plan.


Ben Grenard |Studio Director + Photographer

Creating a Content Library that has consistency and focus is our mission. I focus on the technical replication of content.


Michael Stahlberg | Videographer + Photographer

Amazing photography in motion is the culmination of thorough pre- and post-production planning. I make sure that we get enough content to showcase the right brand direction.


Dennaya Famous | Brand Relations + Affiliations

Establishing a focused message through aesthetics amplifies brand awareness.


Jorge Grau | Photographer

Branded Content and storytelling through beautiful imagery.